Richard Dawkins Reads His Own Hate Mail: “I Think You Have Sex With Monkeys”


I’m not a big fan of Richard Dawkins. As an atheist myself, I realize that some view this as akin to blasphemy given how he’s our self-appointed Christ-like figure, taking his act from city to city in the hopes of converting the masses to his non-belief.

However, I’m not particularly fond of anyone who manages to forge a career out of condescension and bigotry, so Dawkins and his militant atheism isn’t the kind of atheism I personally like to adopt. My atheism is the kind of atheism where someone asks me “Do you believe in God?” and I say “No,” then continue with my day, as opposed to spitting in their faces, laughing about their “magical friend” and then writing a best-selling novel about it.

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Given how Dawkins spends a large portion of his time willfully antagonizing people, it’s perhaps no surprise that some people get quite offended by his shtick and seek to antagonize him right back. Sensing a viral YouTube video could be on the cards, the evolutionary biologist/professional contrarian has compiled a selection of his hate mail into this “Love Letters” video, which sees him reciting sweet poetry such as “You’re not an atheist, you’re a gay-theist lolol” and “Your feigned intelligence is nothing more than the fart of God.” 

It’s admittedly quite funny and almost made me reconsider my disdain for Dawkins, until I remembered that he once said that those who fell pregnant with a baby with Down’s syndrome should “abort it and try again.”

Still, I quite enjoyed watching him attempt to say “beeyotch.”

Watch the video below: