Windows 10 Will Be Free for Windows 7 and 8.1 Users for the First Year


Windows 10 will be available for free to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users for the duration of its first year of release, Microsoft announced today during its Windows event.

The announcement sparks a big change in Microsoft’s approach to its operating system, with the company clearly wanting to bring it to as many people as possible.


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Following the relatively unsuccessful launch of Windows 8, which saw many Windows users choosing to not make the jump from Windows 7 to the new OS, Microsoft appears to have firmly changed its outlook when it comes to delivering a new operating system to PC users.


Microsoft used its Windows event to announce the free upgrade.

Speaking during the Windows event, Microsoft’s Terry Myerson said: “We need our work in the hands of our customers.” We’re certain that this promotional deal will ensure that this happens.

During the event Microsoft also announced that Windows 10 will be available for Windows Phone, too, and yes, the free upgrade will be available to those who are currently running the 8.1 OS on the smartphone.