You Can Demo the Apple Watch Right Now Using Your Browser


If you can’t wait to get your hands on the Apple Watch then chances are you’re keen on getting to grips with its interface, so therefore you’ll be pleased with the news that you can now take a look at how the Watch will operate using your browser. 

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The team behind the Pipes news app have created a Watch Demo site which allows you to try out the Apple Watch’s UI, enabling you to click on various apps and toy around with the wearable tech’s features. It doesn’t exactly replicate the experience of wearing the device on your wrist, but for the impatient, it’s the closest you’ll get to Apple’s first venture into the smartwatch market at the moment.


We’re not entirely sure whether Pipes has had the official go-ahead to create the browser-based emulator, which allows a look at 19 apps using the Watch’s interface, but regardless it’s still gaining traction as the first proper look at how the device will control. Clicking on one of the apps brings up a miniaturized glimpse of what it will look like on the finished product, whilst clicking on the Pipes app shows how the news service will keep you up to date with worldwide trending topics.

Check out a video overview of the Pipes app below:

The Apple Watch is expected to be released in March, with a starting price of $349 for the basic model.

Photo: Getty Images