2014 Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year: ‘Vape’



VERB [no object]

  • To inhale and exhale the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device

As you can see from Oxford’s definition above, when one “vapes”, one inhales and exhales a liquid that is vaporized by an electronic cigarette or similarly-functioning contraption. This fluid is made with up to four ingredients. At minimum there is either a base of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or a mixture of the two (these are commonly used in fog machines at clubs or concerts), and an artificial flavoring. For those wishing to wean off tobacco cigarettes, Nicotine will be present as well. Nicotine-free liquid is becoming increasingly popular as former smokers or even hobbyists pick up “vaping” simply for the social experience or the taste.

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Southern California-based Five Pawns is the world’s leading maker of premium vapor liquid. “We changed the vapor liquid game in 2012 with the debut of our top shelf vapor liquids, which elevated vaping to a connoisseur’s art, akin to fine wine and cuisine,” says Five Pawns CEO Rodney Jerabek. His vapor liquid pairs the absolute best quality ingredients and craftsmanship with a distinct taste and feel to create and evoke a memorable vaping experience that plays to each of the five tastes known to man: sweet, bitter, sour, salty, and savory (umami).

Vapor Liquid Has Become Very Popular In The Last Year

Vapor products provide smokers with a smarter alternative to combustible cigarettes and tobacco products. It’s also a gateway to potentially quitting using nicotine products all together, although Jerabek wouldn’t encourage that. “We hear stories every day about how vaping is changing smoker’s lives for the better.”


Five Pawns set the standard for premium vapor liquid in 2012 with the debut of their Signature Line and first five flavors: Grandmaster, Gambit, Queenside, Bowden’s Mate, and Absolute Pin. “Each with an unrivaled depth of flavor created to satisfy the five tastes.”

In 2013 they released Castle Long Reserve, the very first barrel-aged vapor liquid. “Castle Long Reserve became the most-coveted vapor liquid in the world, and our first release sold out worldwide within a week.”

Food Pairing With Vapor Liquids

Many vapor liquids are created to pair with different cuisine, fine spirits, and wine. On the food side, anything sweet and / or savory will round out the best of meals in place of dessert. Why eat an actual desert when you can get the same satisfaction from vapor liquid? “Gambit, which is our version of Apple Pie a la mode, is always a crowd favorite.”

Advice For Vape Novices

Jarabek believes that consumers should do research and take advice from those with experience. “We suggest visiting a local vapor-specific retailer to learn about the various equipment and liquid options.” Five Pawns is available at over 1,200 retail locations. If you happen to find yourself in one of these retailers, Jarebak encourages you to ask to sit down at the tasting bar to be taken on a flavor journey. “Think of it as a private tasting at a winery.” The person behind the counter will walk you through all ten flavors, and has the expertise to dial into your palette. “You’ll end up leaving with what’s right for you and hopefully say goodbye to combustable cigarettes forever.”