Killing It in Camo: The Fall Fashion Trend Some Dudes Are Dying For


A man wears camouflage for one of two reasons: he’s either fighting in a war or he’s fighting to look fashionable. He’s pretty much walking into dangerous territory with either scenario. But because fall breathes new life into fashion, we’re going to show you how to embrace camo once and for all. And it really all comes down to this: pull the trigger on anything matching and kick the combat boots to the curb.

Your best bet is to shoot for accessories. Some designers and brands have decided to soldier on and place the print on everything from button-downs and blazers to sweaters and slacks. But we’re recommending you tread carefully at first with a scarf, a pair of kicks or a watch, so that you stand out . . . without looking like you’re on leave.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s up in camo fall fashion. You can’t go wrong with one piece – just don’t double-camo and you’ll be fine. If you start with these, we promise you won’t walk around looking like a war zone.



Check out Converse’s All Star Camo High Top Sneaker. The colors are quintessential camo, which means it’s neutral enough to pair with, well, just about every casual outfit you own. If you’re slinging cargo shorts and a polo, these work. Jeans and a button-down? Yep. Just stay away from the suit and sneaker look with this print. You don’t want to battle getting the sneaks right, on top of coordinating the colors and print.

Nike makes a cool Free Trainer with a slightly less-obvious camo vibe. These will take you from the basketball court to the bar (afternoon obviously).



Watch designers ranging from G Shock to Givenchy have gotten into the rough-and-ready vibe. The great thing about getting your camo fix from a timepiece is that it’s a small accessory with a big punch. Throw it on when you’re heading to work (unless you work on Wall Street) and do your best to blend the material – everything from leather to metal – with the dressiness of your duds.

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A good way to capture camouflage in your wardrobe is not through your clothing at all. That’s right. Proudly wear the print on a bag – the messenger you tote to work, the gym bag that lives in your car or the backpack with all that work weighing on your shoulders. It’s a subtle way to look relevant without looking ridiculous.



If you haven’t seen a bomber or puffer jacket with camouflage, you’ve passed away. We’re not suggesting a jacket is an accessory, but we are giving it mention because, when worn with the right outfit, the camo jacket rocks. Pair it with khakis, solid denim or colored jeans – even a cotton trouser. Warning: you’ll shoot this look to hell by pairing any camo jacket with army green cargo pants. But you already knew that. We hope.