Would $450 Convince You To Switch To Optus?


Optus is putting up to $450 worth of credit on the table to lure customers away from their competitors. Continuing Optus’ slogan of ‘Live More Yes’ the new deal got underway yesterday with funny man Josh Thomas fronting the campaign in the new commercial for Optus.

Adnews.com.au reports that Optus will provide new customers with $200 worth of credit to help lessen the cost of early exit fees from their current networks. A further amount of credit, up to $250, from Optus will go towards the upgrade of customer handsets.

Of course, Optus aren’t just going to recklessly plonk $450 into your bank account. For those tempted to make the switch, you’ll still have to fork out for the initial exit and upgrade costs yourself. Optus will then ease any separation anxiety by taking the cost off their 24-month plan.

A spokesperson for Optus stated the new offer looks to help those coming towards the end of their contracts who are unable to upgrade under their current plan. “We do regular research with our customers and one of the major gripes that they’ve told us is that they want to upgrade to a new phone – and if they’re near the end of their contract they can’t do that. We’re giving them a way to exit that contract early, we’re giving them a $200 credit.”

The offer comes only days after reports speculated the iPhone 6 will be released on September 19, but Optus representatives are currently unsure if the credit upgrade offer will include the latest iPhone update. Optus’ exit fee and upgrade credit offer will finish November 2.