Apple iOS 7.1.2 Update Broken Out of the Box


While only a couple days old, the Apple iOS 7.1.2 update for iPhones and iPads is already drawing fire. While intended to improve security and fix various bugs, it looks like the new iOS has defect right out of the virtual box.

Reports are pouring in from around the globe that the update is buggy and causes problems with the Calendar app. Most notably, depending on where you are in the world, the update messes with the holidays listed month to month. While the U.S. and Canada seem to be spared this problem, there might be a lot of people in Eastern Europe, South Africa or Argentina wondering what Magha Puja is.

Beyond the holiday dates' FUBAR status, iOS 7.1.2 doesn't seem to fix the ongoing iPhone battery life issues caused by the previous iOS update. Since that rolled out of Cupertino, iPhone users have been complaining of batteries draining faster or fluctuating from charged to near dead in minutes — making managing phone usage difficult. Early adapters of 7.1.2 aren't reporting much improvement so far.

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In response to releasing this rickety upgrade, Apple is reportedly already planning iOS 7.1.3 to fix what was wrong with 7.1.2 – which seems like a lot of wasted effort and too many digits and points (7.1.blah). Now, sometime between now and whenever Apple releases the eagerly awaited iOS 8, users who updated are going to have to go through upgrade process yet again.

It's all a silly swing and a miss from the tech giant. I'm left to ask: Wasn't the tech world a little better when Apple wasn't number one and needed to be better than everything else out there to flourish?