Take Care of Dad’s Mug With Top Shaving Gear


He’s the guy who taught you how to shave (among other things you hope mom will never find out about), so this Father’s Day, pay dad’s paternal guidance back—and show him you were actually paying attention—with some quality shave gear. Here are some of our favorites:

VDH LUXURY SHAVE SET: Does dad dig an old-school shave? Produced by Van der Hagen, makers of the finest quality shave soaps, crafted using the old-fashioned and labor-intensive kettle process, this shave set comes with their aloe vera and shea butter shave soap in a retro-style, hand-dipped ceramic shave mug. Dad can lather up with the genuine boar brush, and get the kind of shave you’d expect to pay a ton more for.

Because it may say luxury right in the name, and may contain high-end ingredients and materials, but this shave set will set you back only about $25 bucks. Dad will never know.  $24.99

BRAUN SERIES 7 ELECTRIC SHAVER: If dad‘s regularly grabbing a shave in the car on his morning commute, replace his worn-out, prehistoric shaver with one packed with new tech. The Braun Series 7 electric shaver has more than most, including a 3-stage Cutting System, Sensitive Flexing Head, and a new Smart Foil that grabs whiskers growing from different directions for a super close shave. It even lets dad personalize his shave to his face, choosing from three different shaving modes: Extra Sensitive, Normal and Intensive. And since we know dad doesn’t clean his shaver regularly (or at all), their patented Clean&Renew™ System automatically cleans, lubricates and charges the shaver at the touch of a button — giving dad the feeling of a brand new shaver every day.  $229-$289

DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB: Does Dad rant about the high cost of blades these days? And can you blame him? With cartridges for popular brands passing the $4 mark, it’s gotten a little out of hand.

ENTER DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB: Their blades are awesome, and you can sign dad up for as little as $1/month (+S&H) and they’ll ship him 5 twin blade cartridges, the kind he’s used for years. Bump up the subscription to $6/month (S&H included) and he’ll get 4 quad blades delivered right to his door. If dad’s face requires mega-blades to get it smooth, then spring for $9/month (S&H included) and get him four of the top-o-the-line 6-blade cartridges.

shaving-roundup-pacific-shaving-caffeinatedAnd make sure to throw in some of their Shave Butter and newly released Post Shave for dad. The clear Butter is great for those guys who like to actually see what they’re shaving, and the Post Shave delivers seriously thick and rich moisture… it can soothe even dad’s grizzled mug. DollarShaveClub.com Shave Butter (6 oz) – $8 Post Shave (3.4 oz) – $9

PACIFIC SHAVING COMPANY CAFFEINATED SHAVE: Dad may love some caffeine in his mug on the morning, but he may get more benefit out of putting some caffeine ON his mug. Pacific Shaving Company has created a shave cream and after shave loaded with the popular stimulant, and it’s not just to give dad a daily jolt. There are actual health benefits too. Seems caffeine is high in antioxidants, and is also a vasoconstrictor, so it can reduce that redness dad gets from dragging a blade over his neck every day.

Both are fortified with naturally derived caffeine, natural ingredients like aloe and spearmint, and are made in the USA. And yes, to answer dad’s question, he can absorb caffeine through his skin and get a little pick me up. Just limit him to 2 shaves per day.

MSRPs are $15.99 for caffeinated shaving cream and after shave set or $7.99 each.