Gallery: A Visit to Glengoyne Distillery of Scotland


Samples bottles like this fill the blending and tasting room at Glengoyne Distillery, Scotland.

On a recent pass through the big, friendly city of Glasgow, Scotland, I took a detour into the hills outside of the town and up to the old grounds of Glengoyne Distillery.

Thanks to Glengoyne staff tour guide Bill Gallacher, I got a look into the inner workings of a whiskey forging operation that operates around the clock. You can read more about the Scotch distillery process in our feature story about Glengoyne here.

The onsite tour ends with a real treat. VIPs are taken to a combination tasting and blending room and presented with all the tools and ingredients they need to blend their own personal brand of Scotch. 

Six base whiskies are standing by — from mild, sweet and floral Southern Scotland blends to the heavier, smoky flavors of the Northern Highlands. Putting to work a collection of droppers, beakers and test tubes, the amateur distillers blend the aromas and flavors they favor — keeping precise track of how many milliliters of each brand they add.

In the end, the VIP bottles and names their whiskey — signing an official form christening it and labeling their flask for all to see.

I was an amateur boxer for years, and my nephews still call me Uncle Boom Boom. So, I signed off on Boom Boom's Blend. I keep the bottle nearby for a sniff and quick taste of my genius.

Below are just some of the imagery captured as I strolled through the centuries old art of creating Single Malt Scotch Whiskey: