Kids React to Walkmans… But Have No Idea What They Do


Hey, you: are you feeling older lately? Are your years on this planet slipping between your fingers? If that's the case, then I encourage you to NOT watch the video 'Kids React to Walkmans', which shows a whole bunch of kids being completely confused by the concept of a portable cassette player, with some of them baffled by the cassette itself.

The video, posted by YouTubers The Fine Bros., shows the kids all being handed a Walkman and then being asked to operate it. Suffice to say, they all struggle, and this struggle continues when they learn that in order to get the device to play music, it requires a cassette filled with said music.

It's confusing to me how these kids can't operate a Walkman, yet can presumably operate the intensely user-unfriendly UI of iTunes, but hey ho. They should at least be grateful that they never had to experience CD Walkmans, which would skip and often irreparably damage your CDs if you dared to move whilst listening to an album.

Watch the video 'KIds React to Walkmans' below.