Microsoft’s Windows 8 is Less Popular than Discontinued Windows XP


Microsoft's Windows 8 is installed in fewer homes than the discontinued Windows XP, new stats have revealed.

According to StatCounter, statistics revealed in March indicate that Windows 7 has held on to its spot as the world's most popular operating system by a considerable margin, with the OS installed on 55% of all surveyed systems. Meanwhile, Windows XP is the second most popular OS, despite Microsoft announcing that it will be discontinuing the OS in a matter of days, with 18.6% of all installs.

Apple's MacOSX had 8.6% of installs on all the surveyed desktops, while Windows 8 trails far behind with 7.9% installs. While the Windows 8.1 update had 4.5% of all installs, thus giving Windows 8 a total of around 13%, it still trails behind XP, something which Microsoft will not be pleased with given their pushing of the new OS.

View the global stats graph below.


Microsoft is set to hold its BUILD developer conference in San Francisco later today, which you can watch here