10 Funny Library Pranks

What’s a library for? If you said, “taking out books,” think again. Public libraries were created for one intended purpose only: as the perfect scenario for prank videos. They’re supposed to be places of higher learning (read: snooty eggheads!), the rules state you must be quiet, and the staff are cranky old ladies who “Shh” you, a terrific straightman. Here are 10 funny library prank videos:


Eating Loudly in the Library

Celery is nature’s loudest food.


Library Porno

Did somebody order a pizza and/or an erotic art book?


Ghostbusters in the Library

Who ya gonna call? A certain group of paranormal specialists, methinks.


Skirt Drops in the Library Prank

Drop it like it’s a prop.


Laptop Start-Up Sound

Not long enough.


Library Flash Rave

Could you all please be quiet? I have a paper on Rave Culture due tomorrow!


Farting in the Library

Shush your butt, sir.


Air Horn in the Library

They’ve gotta study for their air horn finals.


Reading on a Dream

I’d rather see this than Legally Blonde: The Musical.

Cell Phone Symphony

Call all the phones!


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor-In-Chief of The Devastator: The Quarterly Comedy Magazine For Humans!