Talkin’ Sex With Allie Haze

So I had a chat with pornstar Allie Haze this week, wherein I asked her what her thoughts were on the recession and the 'Occupy' movement… just kidding. I asked her what having sex with Darth Vader is like.


CRAVE ONLINE: How did you get into the porn industry?

ALLIE HAZE: I was a lesbian before I became a bisexual, so I basically just wanted a safe, fun way to bang hot chicks!


That’s as good an answer as any. You’ve recently left Vivid Entertainment (an infamous porn production company) – what made you decide to leave?

Vivid was an awesome company to work for and I had a great time with them, but it was just time for me to get back to my fans and to do things a little bit differently. I paid attention to my fans, and there was a really good response to me changing it up.


You starred as Princess Leia in the Star Wars XXX Porn Parody – what was that like to shoot?

It was a lot of fun. It was a 14-15 day shoot and I participated in 8 of them – I wasn’t there the whole time, but a lot of Star Wars fans know that Princess Leia isn’t as prominent in the first movie (as she is in the others). I really hope we can continue to shoot the other movies because that’s where Princess Leia really gets to kick some butt and wear that sexy gold bikini. It was fun to interpret an iconic character in a different, sexy kind of way, and I’m a little spunky and I get to crack jokes all the time so I felt like I just brought the fun side to her.


I’ve got one burning question to ask you that I think a lot of people will want to know the answer to – did you have sex with Darth Vader?

Well my normal answer is “go ahead and watch the movie and find out”, but for you I’ll say that I do perform a sex act on him… but you’ll need to watch the movie to find out!


Have you found yourself gaining more of a geek following since portraying Princess Leia?

I’m a little bit nerdy in general so I had a big nerd following anyway, but participating in the movie definitely opened me up to a different group of people. Star Wars fans are really die-hard fans which is really awesome – I definitely love a geeky fan.

You’ve shot a lot of girl-on-girl scenes for (a lesbian porn series) – what would you say are the main differences between shooting scenes with girls and shooting scenes with guys?


There are so many new things going on in the lesbian community, so every time I’m on set I learn a new lesbian move to try at home. It’s much more different than having sex with men because women are finding so many new ways without toys to have sex with each other and get each other off, and it’s really cool that lesbians are taking the time to explore each other. I also love to eat pussy and that’s obviously much more different than giving a blowjob, so that’s a huge thing. Women also get off a lot quicker than men and there’s no big fancy cumshot at the end – I can sometimes cum in 30 seconds when I’m with the right person or the right toy, so a lot of the time it’s hard for fans to understand because when men cum they just sleep or go and have a cheeseburger.


You’re also starring in (a 'realistic' porn series) – could you tell us a little about that?

I really love the Romances stuff because it brings more of a real feel to porno. I feel like the market for this kind of stuff is couples, which is really cool because we’re inspiring couples to try new things and get adventurous, which when you love somebody that’s kind of what it’s all about. Even when we’re shooting them it feels like a realistic thing that would happen in your life. I always make the joke that it’s kind of like the movie Ghost, which is a really sexual movie. If you can watch Ghost without beating off then you can watch a whole Romances movie.


It also seems to be geared more towards women – was it nice starring in a porno that targeted a female audience?

I don’t know whether it was necessarily more focused towards women, but it definitely is more realistic. Sometimes when women watch porn it’s really hard for them to watch us pornstars doing these crazy, upside-down monkey positions. When a lot of people watch porn they want to copy the positions that they’re seeing on the TV and sometimes it’s hard to be an acrobat in bed! Sometimes you just want to be generic! If you want normal sex positions and things you can do at home, then pick up a Romances DVD.

You’ve already done a lot in your career in the industry, but is there anything that you haven’t done yet that you’d like to try?

The only thing that I feel like I really haven’t dabbled in is anal. I actually don’t do anal in my personal life with my spouse – we’ve tried many a time which has been a fun experience between him and I, but I guess I’m just not ready yet! I do find it very interesting and it looks like a lot of fun, but if I’m not doing it at home then I can’t really do it on film. That’s been my one golden rule in porn – if I’m not doing it in my own bed, then I can’t do it on set!


What do your friends who aren’t in the industry think of your job?

I’m very fortunate to have kept a lot of the same friends from High School and to have kept in touch with a lot of people who aren’t in the porn business, but as far as my family goes they weren’t very supportive in the beginning, but they’ve got used to the fact that I’m a pornstar, that this is my job and I love it. A lot of people are either okay with it, or they just don’t talk about it (laughs).


What would you say is the main perk of being a pornstar?

I love to make my own schedule so I get to spend time with my family. I also get to have a lot of fun at home with my spouse – I have a great other half who supports what I do, and he allows me to take other women home with us so that’s a lot of fun! 


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