Everyone Has Different Opinions About Delivery Driver Who Used Customer’s Number To Ask Her Out

Photo: Eric Audras (Getty)

Remember how we once gave kudos to an Uber driver because he tried desperately to get his customer to meet him again. Although some folks found the Uber driver out of line. Well opinions are again very different when it comes to the delivery driver in this story who used a customer’s number to ask her out.

The pizza delivery man took a Twitter user’s online order, but then went ahead and took her phone number without her knowledge. And you guessed it, this dude texted the customer in order to shoot his shot.

The Twitter user, known as La’shay on Twitter, shared a screencap of the text exchange:

While some folks thought the guy was polite, others weren’t a fan of it. Here are just some of the reactions:

La’shay added her own thoughts on the matter:

I’m pretty sure the majority of women don’t want to be hit on by their pizza delivery man, that is unless they are in the middle of a porn scene. But other than that they just want to flirt with their pizza.

What do you think? Is the delivery man in the wrong? Let us know!

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