Check Out Nokia’s High Tech Jacket for Rescue Workers

Photo: Kolon Industries

Nokia has formed a partnership with Czech map software technology company GINA Software and a Korean manufacturing company Kolon Industries in order to bring a high tech jacket to rescue workers. The rescue jacket will be made by the Kolon Industries and it will feature Nokia electronic devices, while using Gina’s mapping software. The jacket will have an SOS button and a built-in LED display, it will also inform the HQ about the wearer’s heart rate, location, temperature, completed tasks and status. It will also have fall detection which is of paramount importance in high-risk rescue operations.

But that’s not all, as the Kolon Industries stated that the jacket will leave openings for new sensors and make their integration as easy as possible. The price of a single jacket will be accordingly set to the type of additional equipment coming with the jacket.

Nokie powered a rescue jacket for the modern age

Gina Sofware’s map system is already being used by United Nations, while the South Korean security forces are currently in negotiation to be the first beneficiaries of the high-tech jacket.

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