Lucky Charms Adding Unicorns to Cereals

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Lucky Charms have been a trademark of a happy childhood since 1964. These colorful marshmallow cereals could easily bring a smile on a child’s face at the very sight of them. Now, however, after all these years, the company has decided to introduce a new shape of the marshmallows – unicorns. Although this piece of news made a lot of people jump with joy, it entails one saddening fact. Namely, in order to make room for these magnificent, fictional horse-like creatures, Lucky Charms will have to retire one of the old models. The marshmallow that will no longer be in the cereal box is the beloved hourglass. Rest in peace, hourglass.

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This latest addition to the marshmallow family is just one of the steps General Mills is taking to keep their brand fresh and exciting. Last year, they gave out 10,000 boxes of Lucky Charms containing just the marshmallows to some fortunate customers. This time, they let the public decide on the new model through emoji voting. Apparently, people are obsessed with unicorns and wanted to see them badly in a box of cereals. Interestingly though, it’s not just the kids that are excited about it. The adults all over the web are expressing their exuberance for this change. It seems that they like it more than the kids.

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Lucky Charm’s Unicorn

What does that unicorn look like? Well, it’s mostly white like a regular marshmallow, except that its horn and mane are purple and blue to give that impression of a magical creature. We might never know the real reason why internet is so obsessed with unicorns but it’s probably for the better. Who knows what dark secrets lie behind this seemingly joyful and benevolent creatures. We can only hope that the ones in lucky charms aren’t as mean as some ponies, for example.

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