Opus Pop-up Camper Has Everything You Need In One

Photo: opuscamper.us

You have no more excuses for not going camping as the British company Opus made an inflatable pop-up camper that is too easy to use. Practical as they come, the Air Opus Pop-Up Camper brings complete luxury to the wild.

The Opus inflatable camper is packed as a trailer and is ready to use after just 90 seconds of pumping air, done by the onboard air pump. All you have to do is pick a nice spot, open up the lid, and press the switch! The poles which hold the structure erect are as firm as the tires on your car, and you get a nice lounge area inside of the tent too. Alongside two big beds, water tanks, and the pull-out kitchen that has more appliances than some houses.

The pop-up camper is customizable as they come, so you can choose the body color, storage systems, and accessories such as cinema systems. Check out the U.S. dealerships and the pricing (which approximately begin at $21,700) and don’t forget to pack beer!