Yondr’s Cell Phone Lockdown Allows You To Finally Enjoy Life

Photo: via The New York Times

Do you worry about the day when robots will take over the human race? Fun fact: They already have, and you paid good money for it, too, when you bought your last cell phone.

It’s been too long since you saw your face in the mirror, rather than in the front camera of your phone. Thanks to Yondr, the social etiquette organization locking down phones in public, you can get back to the old you, you know, the person who used to torment others just by living your life, rather than the mass-texting zombie robot who’s been waterboarding us with a carefully curated nonexistence using horrid selfies. Sorry, that was harsh. Let’s back up.

Yondr’s Founder, Graham Dugoni, understands the importance of pumping the breaks on technology and being a little more present in our own lives. That’s why his little Yondr pouches have started popping up in public, be it concerts and comedy shows or work, schools and dentist offices. You put your phone inside and lock it down so you can be a little more in tune with what’s going on around you for a change. When the event is over, you can retrieve your phone using one of Yondr’s unlocking bases, then go back to being a mindless Snapchatting robot. Or, maybe you’ll continue to keep it in your pocket after having had an intimate real-life experience with yourself.

Listen, it’s no secret we’ve gotten a little carried away with the phone use, data plans, snap this, selfie that, friend, unfriend, pin, tweet, live stream, like, comment, poop emoji. But if Yondr is actually needed in churches, it’s clear cell phones have gotten to the literal point of sacrilegious (also, there’s some shit parenting going on out there). It’s bad enough we had to make ground rules for our insufferable Uber drivers. Give Yondr a try the next chance you get, and you won’t regret it. Meanwhile, you can learn more here.

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