What Cities Are Home To America’s Happiest Workers?

Photo: DreamWorks Pictures

Usually when somebody mentions Detroit, the first things that come to mind are high crime, houses that cost 12 bucks and of course, Eminem.

But according to Fortune, Detroit is now home to the second-happiest workers in the country, with only Mountain View, California finishing ahead of them in a recent survey conducted by the crew at CareerBliss. Rounding out the top five were Boulder, Colorado, Richardson, Texas and Stamford, Connecticut.

So what exactly does it take to be considered a city that’s home to the happiest workers in America? Well, in the case of Mountain View, having companies like Google, Intuit, LinkedIn and Symantec in your backyard certainly helps the cause. Plus, based on the close proximity of great hiking, beautiful scenery, year-round outdoor activities and now eight 49ers home games to watch the dreamy Jimmy Garoppolo sling the pigskin, it truly is an ideal place to do your business.

In fact, Mountain View was one of three California cities to make the top ten, as nearby San Jose and Santa Clara hit the list at seven and eight respectively. The city of Redmond put Washington on the map at number six, while Rockville, Maryland and Cleveland, Ohio finished at nine and ten.

While the Bay Area certainly has plenty to offer 12 months out of the year, we’re still waiting to find out how Cleveland made the list. I mean, let’s be honest. This has all the makings of a clerical error.

And here’s the top ten in a much-easier list format for all you folks:

Mountain View, Calif.

Detroit, Mich.

Boulder, Colo.

Richardson, Texas

Stamford, Conn.

Redmond, Wash.

San Jose, Calif.

Santa Clara, Calif.

Rockville, Md.

Cleveland, Ohio

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