Paige Spiranac Says She’s Receiving Death Threats For Being A Golfer With Cleavage

Photo: Gabe Ginsberg/FilmMagic (Getty)

Paige Spiranac is a golfer, Instagram sensation and founder of The Cybersmile Foundation, which aims to put an end to cyber bullying.

But according to the New York Post, she is also dealing with blackmail and death threats these days.

Why? You guessed it – her cleavage.

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“For people to say ‘You only show some cleavage, that’s why you have what you have’ is unfair,” Spiranac said. “That’s the injustice that we face every day as women and I see it a lot in golf. It’s such a male-dominated sport, it has been around for so long and there are traditions. People like their traditions without change.”

“I was harassed, my family was harassed,” she continued. “I was receiving death threats, people were invading my privacy, I was being blackmailed. This was going on while I was trying to play. When it comes to the golf industry, I know that people see me as a gimmick. I don’t think I am. If I was a guy and I had the same social following, I don’t think people would call it a gimmick. They’d say it was great. People seem to think I got where I am because of the clothes that I wear. That’s unfair to me and unfair to all of my accomplishments. I probably do more community service than any other professional golfer.”

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And Priranac is right, as we mentioned above she’s a big advocate of stopping cyberbullying.

Spiranac returned to golf last week as the tournament starter for the Dubai Desert Classic, but it’s unknown when she’ll return to the course to actually play.

In a related story, if you’re one of the shitdicks who’s been harassing Spiranac despite the fact that she’s doing more for the betterment of the world than your entire family, well, stop it. It’s obviously best to go out there and do everything in your power to help stop bullying, not continue it.

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