Drunk Dude Makes His Own Meal At Waffle House As Worker Sleeps

Photo: Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images

The first thing to know about the guy in this story is that he was very drunk. I want to make this clear because no one in their right mind would go to Waffle House while sober, so when 36-year-old Alex Bowen had a little too much to drink he got a craving for a bacon cheese steak melt. So Bowen drove himself to a Waffle House only to realize the only worker there was sleeping.

So that’s a problem, right? Nope. Bowen simply cooked up the meal himself.

“Couldn’t sleep so I went to Waffle House…guess what…everyone on shift was asleep,” Bowen, from West Columbia, SC posted on his Facebook page Nov. 30.


NY Post

Bowen said he stood at the register for 10 minutes waiting for someone to take his order and even went out back to check if someone were there.

“That’s when I started grilling me up a Texas bacon cheesesteak melt,” he said. Bowen said he didn’t feel what he was doing was wrong.

“Honestly, I started because I was just so darn hungry and no one was there. I thought, ‘I’m gonna start cooking and someone will come by, for sure.’”

He said he cooked the meal, wrapped it up in a take-out container and cleaned the grill. It was when he was cooking, he said, that he saw the one employee fast asleep. The father-of-three admitted he didn’t initially pay for the sandwich, but once he slept and digested, came back later with the money.

Photo: Facebook/Alex Bowen

A district manager from Waffle House reached out to Bowen, thanked him for pointing out a flaw in their business – and then offered him a job as a cook. Bowen already has a job so he’s probably not going to be taking that offer.

Photo: Facebook/Alex Bowen

“They’re offering me a job as a cook?” Bowen said. “First I’m hearing about it.”

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