Is It A Surprise That The Key To Success Is Confidence?

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Have you ever gone out for a job, thought you nailed the interview, and then never got a call back?

That’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up.

Most of the time, people don’t know why they don’t get the job. They are qualified, worked hard to get that degree and just bought a new suit. While these things may technically qualify you, they don’t necessarily make you stand out.

The majority of people that walk in to interview for the same job as you have a degree, are qualified, and also just purchased a new suit. The primary thing that makes you stand out to future employers is the way you present yourself and your confidence. If you don’t have confidence, and you don’t present yourself in a professional manner, then you don’t stand a chance against the barrage of other suit-wearing butt-kissers that walk into that office.

Think of it this way: Say that you’re the head doctor at a hospital. You are holding interviews for an opening position on your staff. You have ten applicants coming in to interview. Every applicant graduated from Harvard, has outstanding recommendations and is dressed appropriately. After your interviews you decide that the job is going to one of two candidates. The first one walked into the office, and when he shook your hand, it was very sweaty. He then sat down in the chair and proceeded to slouch. He started all his responses with “um” and answered your questions with what seemed like more questions. He kept tapping his foot and, to be quite honest, still had bed head.

Your next candidate that you are considering walked in and firmly shook your hand, no sweat. He looked you directly in the eyes and smiled. He then sat down and had great posture. Every question that you asked him got a confident answer back. He didn’t stutter and didn’t say the word “um.” He didn’t fidget at all, and it was visibly noticeable that he was confident in himself and in his responses.

While you might not be applying for a job as a doctor, and you certainly didn’t go to Harvard, you understand why the choice is clear. While everyone worries about getting good grades in college and getting an impressive degree, that doesn’t always guarantee you success or even a job. Make yourself stand out, and when you walk into that interview, be sure that you have wiped off your hands and are confident in yourself and in your answers. Being successful means being confident in yourself and your talents.

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