Nvidia Reveals Their Ultimate Product for Star Wars Fans

Nvidia has revealed the new Titan Xp Collector’s Edition graphics card, which is the ultimate product for any Star Wars fan… Well, any Star Wars fan that’s into PC gaming, at least!

The Titan Xp is already renowned as an incredible performer when it comes to running games at high frame-rates, high resolutions, or a combination of both. The Collector’s Edition provides that same level of performance, but rocks a much more long-time-ago-in-a-galaxy-far-far-away aesthetic.

There are two Collector’s Editions available: one for the Jedi Order in green, and another for the Galactic Empire in red. Honestly, both are made to look pretty incredible in the marketing material.

Check out the dedicated trailer below:

TITAN Xp is crafted to offer superior heat dissipation using vapor chamber cooling technology in a die-cast aluminum body. It’s a powerful combination of brilliant efficiency, stunning design, and industry-leading performance adding to the Star Wars fan collection.

If you fancy pre-ordering one, prepare to fork out $1,200 and head here for the Jedi Order page, and here for the Galactic Empire.

For more information, including a reminder of the Titan Xp’s specs, take a gander at the full, official overview.