Photo Of Two Women With A 2-Foot Height Difference Inspired The Internet To Share Their Own Photos

Photo: Sean Justice (Getty)

When it comes to height, I’m pretty average, so thankfully I haven’t had to spend my life answering questions about my height or answering the question, “how’s the weather up there?” But unfortunately some people have, and one woman on Twitter decided to share a photo of her and her pal, who has a whopping two foot height difference on her.

The woman, a University of Alabama cheerleader named Isabella, took it to Twitter to share the photo which was taken at an Alabama vs. Florida volleyball game. Now she doesn’t say how tall she or her friend in the photo is, but perhaps you have a good guess. Take a look at the photo below.

Pretty damn nuts. And Twitter was apparently inspired to share their own photos, too. Take a look!

Now go ahead and share your photos.

h/t Someecards

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