Men From New Zealand Are The Worst At Sex In The World

Photo: Deklofenak (Getty)

Have you ever pondered, “Gee, I wonder where my country ranks in sex?” No? Well, we’re going to tell you anyway, so listen up!

Thanks to Saucy Dates, an online dating site you’ve probably never heard of, we now know who are the best and worst lovers in the world. And that’s because the site conducted a survey by asking 22,753 of its members to rank the last person they had sex with on a scale of zero to 10. Zero of course being the worst ever and 10 being the best ever. And let’s just say that while male and female Americans faired very well, men from New Zealand did not.

Check out the results below thanks to their flashy graphic.

Illustration: Saucy Dates

Aside from the Americans, men in Australia and South Africa are also pretty damn awesome when it comes to sex. Canadian and French women are also great at the sex.

But yes, looks like men in New Zealand need to work on their game. And while we’re at it, dudes in the UK should up their game, too, because six out of 10 is not great.

In conclusion, good going, America.

h/t Indy 100

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