Google Pixel 2 Has Two Cameras… Huawei Honor 9i Has Four!

The recently revealed Google Pixel 2 boasts one front-facing camera and one rear camera. Google believes this is enough, and that any extras just aren’t needed. Huawei, on the other hand, believes that the more cameras you have, the wider range of shots you can take.

The Huawei Honor 9i features two cameras on the back, as well as two cameras on the front. That’s two sets of dual cameras, making for four in total.

This may sound a bit crazy to you (and me), but Huawei’s president Peter Zhai seems pretty happy about it, saying: “We are thrilled to launch a phone, which can be termed a global first, as the Honor 9i is the only phone so far to boast of two dual cameras and FullView FHD+ display.”

Zhai also mentions the phone’s display, which does indeed look great. It’s a 5.9″ 1080 x 2160 screen that looks fantastic, without being overkill.

Back to the cameras, though, as what’s the point in having four? Well, each higher resolution sensor (16MP on the back, 13MP on the front) is accompanied by a 2MP shooter. This is for depth-of-field enabled shots, making for a tighter focus on the subject, while the rest of the photo becomes a pleasing blur.

With the Google Pixel 2 launching soon, and the Honor 9i only having just launched today, we’ll have to wait a little longer to see which phone is capable of the best photos.

I wonder if four will be the maximum number of cameras we’ll ever see on a smartphone… I guess only time will tell!