New WhatsApp Emojis Get a Refresh, Appear Suspiciously Similar to Apple’s

If you’re a WhatsApp beta user, you may have noticed the recent big changes to the app’s emojis. They’ve been overhauled, and look suspiciously similar to those used by Apple.

Of course, WhatsApp has been using Apple’s emojis for a while now (with the tech giant’s permission) across all supported platforms. Now it’s time for WhatsApp to break away from third-party assistance, choosing to finally design its own set of faces, hand gestures, and phallus-shaped veg.

What’s surprising to see, however, is that WhatsApp has only slightly altered its emojis, to make them different enough to Apple’s. We’re talking about minor changes like making the one-yolk egg into a two-yolk egg, or making a face’s eyes slightly larger.

new whatsapp emojis 2new whatsapp emojis

The update that introduced the new emojis has only just been rolled out, and there’s not yet been any kind of response from Apple. (What with how quickly they call out Samsung for copycat designs, I imagine we’ll hear something from them soon!)

Also, do note that these emojis are in beta, so it’s possible that they could go through some dramatic changes before officially launching.

Source: Emojipedia