How Long Should A Tie Be?

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It is safe to say that the majority of men don’t even consider proper tie length when putting on their suit, which is truly one of the most major rookie mistakes that can be off-putting indeed. So how long should a tie be in fact? We dwell into this question to help you find out everything you need to know about it and to probably answer the questions you didn’t even realize need asking.

The tie length is as important for a great suit look as much as an adequate pocket square. They are also both neglected by people who wear suits only because they think they have to. Once again, these details separate the guys who look like their mom made them wear the suit to the prom, and the men who look as natural in a suit as we all do in pajamas. And these rules don’t apply just to the times when you’re rocking a tie as a part of the suit.

Wearing suits or dressing with a tie, in general, is the highest level of fashion for men, think of it as professional sports. When top level, world class players play their sport they notice and act on every little detail that most casual viewers don’t even register. The way the opposition player has his knees pointed, the look towards the incoming teammate – these are sports equivalents of wearing a tie. People who are constantly surrounded by people in ties register whether you are making small fashion mistakes or not. This fashion mistake can make you look sloppy in the eyes of your coworkers, bosses, and other people you see daily.

If you’re already putting in the time to find the right tie and to put it on properly, then you should also make sure that you’re wearing it properly. You wouldn’t wear your hat over your face, and you wouldn’t tuck in your sweater, so you shouldn’t have a low-hanging tie, or have it appear as a glorified napkin.

How Long Should a Tie Be: All You Need To Know

First of all, if you’re wondering whether the width of the tie influences the proper length of it – let us reassure you that it doesn’t. How to put on a tie and when to choose a wider one are questions for another time.

When it comes to tie length, it’s thought about it in the frame of reference to your body, not the actual number of inches it has. Naturally, as you do tie it in a knot, different types of it that is.

The main rule on how long should a tie be is that the pointy end of it should be at the mid-level of your belt bucket when you are standing up.

Never go past the belt buckle as it will look really weird and will disrupt the color palette of your whole combination since it will be entering new territory. Also, it really shouldn’t end more than an inch above your belt buckle. If it does, then you need to pick a different tie.

Don’t cheat by manipulating the position of your pants. So don’t raise your pants like you are an old man in public transit, or don’t lower your pants like you are trying to sell people your fire mixtape.

Or you could skip all these worries about how long should a tie be and just opt for a bowtie.

Do you have a different take on how long should a tie be? Some different rules? Share your tips in the comments below.

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