How to Have Sex in the Shower

Photo: Piotr Powietrzynski (Getty Images)

Those of you who have never tried having sex in the shower really don’t know what you’re missing. It’s a unique sexual experience where water acts as a kind of natural lubricant and constantly caresses your naked bodies. However, considering how a bathroom is generally quite a perilous place, one needs to know exactly how to have sex in the shower without causing some injuries. Lucky for you, we’ve got everything to get you started. The only thing you need to worry about is finding the right partner who’s willing to share her private bathing time with you. So, let’s begin.

No Slips

Before you begin your shower adventure, you need to make sure your bathroom is safe for use and lovemaking. The first thing you’ll need is a non-slip mat to keep you on your feet even during the most powerful of thrusts. Besides that, if you’re a bit more serious about your bathroom safety, you could also install gripping handles in the wall. While most people use these to support their sex positions, they actually great for everyday use. Falling down in the shower is no fun and can lead to some serious, even life-threatening injuries. So, you need a quality mat, properly installed handles, and possibly some padding on the floor, just in case you do fall somehow.


OK, let’s discuss some known myths regarding shower sex. You might think that water is all the lubrication you need, but you’d be wrong. The truth is that water actually dries up natural female lubrication, so you will need some water-based lubes to restore that during the act. That being said, water is not completely useless there. It keeps most parts of your body hydrated and, of course, increases sexual appeal of both partners. There is something quite thrilling about seeing water slide over each curve as it flows down to the drain.


This would be an outrageous statement in any other context, but here it’s not only appropriate but also rather necessary. Do no use condoms during sex in the shower. This is not a valid contraception method in this case as preservatives are more likely to slip off under the influence of water or even burst. Instead, you should try using some different methods like pills. Although this is often mentioned in sex-ed classes, it doesn’t hurt to repeat it here. Pulling out just before reaching climax is not a valid method of contraception and certainly, won’t protect you from sexually-transmitted diseases.


You need to remember that shower sex isn’t supposed to last long. It is one short, exciting adventure that ends as quickly and as spontaneously as it starts. If you stay too long in the shower, your skin will become soggy and weird, and you can get some soap irritations from long exposure. In order to avoid that, just limit yourself to about ten minutes. Anything beyond that is unnecessary and even exhausting.

Shower Sex Positions

The most common sex position in the shower is obviously the one you see in the movies where both partners are standing up. It is a solid position that ensures a shorter duration of the sex session but can be a bit problematic for partners of different heights. This is where those gripping handles become quite useful. Another reason why people love having sex in the shower is the fact that you can use the shower head as an improvised sex toy. The most important thing is to remember that shower sex doesn’t have to include just penetration. It can be anything you’d like. Just let your imagination flow.

We truly hope that our guide on how to have sex in the shower helped you out a little. Let us know how it went in the comment section below.