Student Outsmarts Professor With Brilliant Cheat Sheet And Why Didn’t We Ever Think Of This?

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Remember when you were in school and you had an exam coming up? And remember when the teacher said you were allowed to write as much information on a notecard that you could then use during the exam? Of course you do, because that was the day you learned just how tiny you could write. Well, we didn’t think of this ploy that would have allowed us to easily pass any exam. Let us explain.

A student named Elijah Bowen and his fellow classmates were told by their professor, Reb Beatty, that they could have a 3×5 cheat sheet they could use. Well, since Beatty didn’t exactly specify the notecard’s measurements, Bowen did this.

Take a look at what the professor shared on his Instagram.

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Accompanied with this caption:

“First test day of the semester and as always, I allow a 3×5 notecard. Today, a student shows up with this. Sure enough, it is 3×5… feet. As precise as I am, apparently I never specified inches and therefore yes, it was allowed. Well played and lesson learned for me.”

Wow, freaking kudos to Bowen.


And of course people were loving it.

Screengrab: Instagram

Screengrab: Instagram

Hell even Bowen himself replied with this.

Screengrab: Instagram

Screengrab: Instagram

Dude, hopefully that exam wasn’t too gnarly, or you’ll be out of a board, bruh.

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