English Woman’s Rare Condition Makes Her Fall Asleep Every Time She Orgasms

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So that means that every guy also has that “rare” condition.

Let’s all talk about 20-year-old mother-of-one Jessica Southall. Southall is in the news because she’s revealed that she suffers from a rare neurological disorder called narcolepsy with cataplexy. And what does that mean? Well that means that Southall pretty much falls asleep when she orgasms or when she laughs.

Photo: Facebook/Jessica Southall

Photo: Facebook/Jessica Southall

When Southhall first started dating her boyfriend, Junior Santiago, she had to explain to him all about her condition. And I’m assuming this conversation was needed so Santiago didn’t think his girlfriend thought he was just one boring lad. Not to mention that Southall would knockout every time after sex.

“I just had to explain to [Junior] that it’s only going to happen when he makes me feel at my very best,’ Southall said. “But it’s not ideal.”

Because of her condition Southall sleeps for up to 13 hours a day, which honestly sounds like a dream. No pun intended.

Photo: Facebook/Jessica Southall

Photo: Facebook/Jessica Southall

This condition is something that Southall will always have to deal with, and it involves the brain being unable to regulate sleep and waking patters normally, which leaves Southall tired all the time.

“I can’t respond or snap out of it until the emotion stops,’ Southall adds. ‘To any other person it looks like I’ve fallen asleep.”

Southall has had this condition since she was 16, so now she’s learned to deal with it. Here’s what she had to say.

“I’ve learned. I know my body now, so if I’m going to laugh I’ll grab something to hold on to so when my muscles get weak I’ll be OK.”


But hey, at least she doesn’t want to talk about life after she orgasms, so that’s a plus, right? Well, it is for her boyfriend at least.

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