Science Says Ladies Can Size Up A Man’s Sexual Prowess By Length Of His Ring Finger

Caucasian male hand with fingers curled in meditation pose, with morning sun and fog in background. Photo: John Nordell (Getty).

Unless you’re some sort of three-fingered alien (and we’ll just naturally assume you aren’t), the length of your fingers matters when it comes to the act of intercourse. To clarify, we’re of course referring to the size of a man’s ring finger in comparison to his index finger and what it says about their longevity. The difference between the two can have huge implications for your performance in the bedroom — and in several ways, at that.

Ring Finger Size Affects Men’s Sexual Prowess, Says Science

According to a study conducted by Dr David Goldmeier of Imperial College London back in March, exposure to higher levels of testosterone in the womb may be directly correlated to a man’s ability (or lack thereof) to hold out for long periods of time in the sack. Put in simple terms, the higher the dosage of the hormone received in utero, the more prone to premature ejaculation. Which, can be easily distinguished by the difference in size between a man’s index and ring digits.

So there you have it: the longer your index finger is than your ring finger, the better chance you have of lasting at least to the point of making your partner feel like you put in the effort. Perhaps we were too harsh attacking the sexual prowess of you long-ring-fingered types, because if anything, you have to try even harder to give her some bang for her buck before your short window runs out.

Then again, according to the same study orchestrated by Goldmeier, those very same men with extended ring fingers have larger penises, are less prone to heart disease and make better athletes. How’s that for a short window of feeling good about yourself, index finger-length pride advocates?

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