This Study Finds That Women Are Happier Being With Less Attractive Men

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Finally, us ugly mug dudes are doing something right. I don’t know what exactly that is but at least gals are into it. Let us explain.

If you think there is a study for everything you’re damn right. If there is a study that reveals what age guys are the most boring, you better believe that there’s a study that states ugly dudes make gals happier. A Florida State University study discovered that relationships and marriages are more likely to be successful if the woman is out of the dude’s league. In other words, if she’s way hotter than him.

Photo: Netflix

Photo: Netflix

The study featured 113 newly married couples, with the average age being in the late 20s. The couples were then rated  on their attractiveness by evaluators from Southern Methodist University and Florida State University. And what did they find? The found out that if the dude isn’t all that in the hot radar then he is more likely to do all he can to please his lady (so she doesn’t leave him). And that includes getting her gifts, having pride in his own looks, doing chores and going all out in the bedroom.

And all that makes his partner happier of course.

“The husbands seemed to be basically more committed, more invested in pleasing their wives when they felt that they were getting a pretty good deal,” the study reads.

Photo: Universal Pictures

Photo: Universal Pictures

Although when evaluators rated the men more attractive than the lass attractive ones, they discovered that the pressure women felt led to activities that had a negative impact on their lives — and that’s because women would try diets, loads of exercise and other crazy measures in order to keep up with their attractive partner.

“The results reveal that having a physically attractive husband may have negative consequences for wives, especially if those wives are not particularly attractive,” researcher Tania Reynolds said. “The research suggests there might be social factors playing a role in women’s disordered eating.”

So in conclusion, if you’re a sad-sack and you somehow have a gal by your side you should be thanking your below average looks because you crazy kids are probably better off. So take that super studs who have perfect genetics!

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