Sydney Has Been Gifted With A Touching Mural Of Tony Abbott Marrying Himself

The push for marriage equality has a new champion in local artist Scottie Marsh, who’s literally taken the fight to the streets with a delightful new piece of guerrilla wall art.

Marsh, whose previous headline-grabbing murals have skewered the likes of rapper Kanye West and former NSW Premier “Casino” Mike Baird with his LOL-worthy brand of political satire, has this time taken aim at former PM, noted onion-chomper and current poster-muppet for the ‘No’ campaign, Tony Abbott.

Marsh’s new Tone-themed masterpiece materialised on the streets of Redfern on Sunday, as a record-breaking crowd of 30,000 hit the streets of Sydney to support a ‘Yes’ vote for same-sex marriage.

It features the loudmouth liberal trading in his famous budgie smugglers for a fabulous wedding gown, portraying him as a blushing bride preparing to blissfully wed… himself.

“Had such a great time painting today, super positive vibes!” Marsh wrote on Instagram.“Work in progress, will polish it tomorrow, thanks everyone who said hi.”

It’s over on Hunters Corner if you feel like going to take a big ol’ happy snap in front of it.

Ha… this one’s new… I like! #marriageequality #loveislove #tonyabbott #hairychest #scottiemarsh #mural @scottie.marsh #tonyandtony #tonyabbott #samesexmarriages

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