Single Guy Confessions: I Fell In Love With A Girl From A Craigslist Ad

Photo: Dmitriy Devyatkin (Getty)

Love is a tricky thing. One minute you’re responding to some overdue emails and debating your roommate over the best Super Nintendo game ever, and the next your tongue is lodged deep in a place you promised yourself it would never go, especially after the last time, while their cat watches with untrusting eyes. It’s a little thing we like to call single guy confessions. And this time, I’m afraid I fell in love with a girl from a Craigslist ad when all I really wanted was tickets to see Smash Mouth. Serves me right.

It comes at you when you least expect it (love, not Craigslist personal ads). We try to find it in all the place our friends do: dating apps, dark bars, the gym locker room. When that doesn’t work, we go to new lengths, putting ourselves out of our comfort zone but still safe places: farmers markets, hiking meet-up groups, fucking Burning Man. And then one day, you unconsciously scroll for tickets to a concert with a little too much coffee in your system, feeling a little too good about yourself, and suddenly your life events have all culminated to this moment where your finger is in the butt of a stranger. Is this love? How could it not be? I would never do this for my dog, even if her anal glands were extremely swollen.

Are we saying it’s wrong? No. We’re saying trust your instincts. And if you don’t trust your instincts, trust these 10 ads we’ve chosen for you, sure fire love at first sight. It’s like Zach Braff said in Garden State: “I think I can do this.”

Single Guy Confessions: I Fell In Love With A Girl From A Craigslist Ad

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