Hot Single Woman Admits To Going On 77 Dates In 2 Years, Keeps A Spreadsheet

Photo: Twitter/Anna Heaton

Well, it seems that everyone wants some companionship, and one English woman named Anna Heaton is going the extra mile to find her true love. The 29-year-old, who even appeared on a dating show called Take Me Out, has been single for two years and in those two years she has been on a whopping 77 dates. Read that again: 77.

It gets more bizarre. Heaton keeps a spreadsheet where she rates each date out of 20, based on ‘looks,’ ‘personality’ and ‘spark.’ Oh, and Heaton admits she’s “picky.” You think?

So what is Heaton looking for? Heaton wants a “tall guy with a rugby player physique” adding: “I like a posh boy with a pink shirt, nicely dressed and someone that doesn’t take themselves too seriously.” Well that narrows it down, don’t you think?

Here’s what Heaton had to say about her quest.

“I went on my 77th date on Saturday, I think it’s because I’m too picky, it’s always me that does not want a second date and a lot of them think there is something wrong with me. I know what I’m looking for and I just haven’t found it, I often have a lot in common with people but the spark just isn’t there, I just don’t fancy them…

I would like to not get to 100 [dates] before 30, but that is probably the reality. I’d never settle but I did think that by 30 I would be on the verge of being engaged, all my friends are married and have boyfriends and I’m the one that is left.”

As for the spreadsheet, she’s still doing it.

“I am still keeping a spreadsheet, it makes me sound neurotic, but I would rather be alone for the rest of my life than be with the wrong person. I just want to find that one person, my friends at work set it up for me and they kept it up to date and would ask me about the dates.”

Oh, and if you’re terrible at math like I am, apparently 77 dates in two years works out to about a date every five days. That’s a lot of free meals.

More on Heaton in the video below.

h/t Daily Mail

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