Here’s How to Shave Your Head Like a Pro

Photo: Tim Gamble (Getty Images)

So, you’ve finally decided to shave your head and give that bald look a chance? You’re tired of people making snotty comments about your receding hairline and increasingly noticeable bald spots. You’re tired of spending hundreds of dollars on shampoos that clean what can barely be called hair. But how do you do it? Obviously, you can’t just grab the closest scissors and trim until you reach the skull. You need to know what you’re doing. Thankfully, we’re here to show you how to shave your head the right way, so take notes.

Trim Your Hair

OK, we did mention that you can’t really just grab some scissors and start trimming away, but the truth is that it’s a starting point. Find a decent pair of scissors and make sure you use them just for your head in the future. You should have a shaving kit that’s specifically for your hair and one that’s specifically for your intimate region. These two should never mix as there are bacteria down there you don’t want on your head. So, buy some quality scissors and start shortening your hair as much as possible. The more you manage to cut off, the easier it will be to shave later on. It’s easier if you do it while the hair is wet, but there is really not much difference. You don’t have to go out of your way to make everything even. You will shave it off eventually, anyway.

Prepare for a Shave

First of all, think about lubrication. Like it is with every shave, you also need a good shaving foam to do it successfully and avoid any irritation. If possible, buy a shaving foam without any alcohol and with a soothing element like aloe vera. If this is too much of a hassle for you, you can simply start shaving under a shower. One of the main problems here, however, is that it might not provide enough lubrication and the resulting hair might clog the drain. Also, make sure you get a new, high-quality razor for this to make sure it’s a clean and safe shave.

Shave Carefully

When it comes to the process itself, just make sure you take your time and be thorough. Everyone hates finding out they’ve missed a patch after the shave is over. Another reason why you should be extra careful when shaving your head is that most people actually have a bumpy and uneven head. This means that you can cut yourself quite easily if you’re not paying attention and there’s nothing worse than a head cut. When shaving, you should always go with the grain, although some people might suggest otherwise. Going against the grain will guarantee a much closer shave, but might also result in irritation or something worse. Make small and sharp moves with your razor and don’t forget to reapply the shaving foam when necessary. Sometimes you might need to go over the same spot a couple of times.

After the Shave

Once you’re finished with shaving, the first thing you should do is wash your head with cold water. It will close the pores and freshen up your skin. However, you might also need to apply the aftershave of your choice to hydrate the skin and make it soft. Again, try to avoid the aftershaves that contain alcohol. Most manufacturers tend to use alcohol because it dries up quickly and is convenient for quick processes. Of course, it can also damage and further irritate your skin, so it isn’t worth it. Aloe Vera will always do the trick here.

Hopefully, now you know how to shave your head properly and won’t cut yourself. Tell us how it went.