iPhone 8 Release Delayed According to New Report

Apple is reportedly delaying the release of the iPhone 8, with its hardware design allegedly not finalized.

According to The Korea Herald, the iPhone 8 will now launch in November instead of its projected September release date. While two LCD models of the upcoming smartphone will launch in September, the high-end OLED model will be pushed back to November, according to supply sources who allegedly spoke to the Herald.

“Apple’s top brass recently approved the September launch of two LCD models, but the OLED iPhone launch is likely to be delayed to November,” the publication’s source reportedly told them. “The iPhone’s rear design has not yet been finalized. We are still awaiting Apple’s final decision before shipping parts.”

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A ton of iPhone 8 information has been leaked over the past few months, with the rumor that Apple will remove the long-standing Home button in place of a larger touchscreen display all but confirmed. However, this has also allegedly caused Apple to run into issues regarding its Touch ID sensor, with the fingerprint scanner either being moved to the back of the smartphone similar to the design used for the Samsung Galaxy S8 (and the upcoming Note 8), or removed from the smartphone altogether. The source’s suggestion that the rear of the phone has to be confirmed would suggest that Apple could be planning to include the Touch ID sensor on the back of the device.

The ousting of the Home button will reportedly make way for a display the size of the iPhone 7 Plus on a phone as wide as the standard iPhone 7, with the iPhone 8 rumored to boast an edge-to-edge screen. The Home button’s absence has apparently caused the delay, with the Herald‘s source adding: “Fingerprint scanning, which plays a crucial role in safeguarding payment solution Apple Pay, needs to be fault-free. Apple seems to have failed to fully develop the technology for the upcoming iPhone.”

There’s still no official confirmation on when the iPhone 8 will be released, but we should learn more during the predicted Apple event in September.