6 Best Whiskey Drinks You Need to Try Now

Photo: Stuart Ashley (Getty Images)

Let’s get one thing straight first – whiskey is a great drink. It is an acquired taste and not everyone is able to enjoy it properly. Those who can, however, swear by it. That being said, even the greatest admirers of whiskey sometimes need to mix things up a bit. Thankfully, there are countless recipes online for whiskey drinks that offer a new perspective on the old drink and will make you experience whiskey in a whole new way. We’ve gathered 10 of our favorite recipes for you to try and enjoy. Here they are.


You’ve probably heard of Manhattan before (not the one in New York, but the one served in a glass). It is one of the most famous whiskey cocktails with a distinct, full taste. How do you make one? Basically, you combine rye whiskey, some vermouth, and bitters, and that’s about it. You mix all those ingredients and use an orange twist to decorate it if you want. The quality of the drink will, obviously, depend on the quality of the ingredients, so choose them wisely.

Witty Comeback

This creatively-named drink is something quite peculiar, but incredibly tasty at the same time. The two main components of the Witty Comeback are rye whiskey, lemon juice, and homemade ginger syrup. You add a little bit of the Italian Amaro Averna to the mix and shake along with a couple of ice cubes (not the rapper). After about 30 seconds, your drink will be ready and you can enjoy the citrusy taste of your favorite rye whiskey.

Espresso Old Fashioned

Some people can’t live without coffee, while others can’t live without whiskey. If you’re one of those people who find themselves in both sentences, you might want to try the Espresso Old Fashioned. It is a mix of, obviously, espresso with a touch of bourbon (you decide on the amount), some syrup and bitters. Mix it all in an ice-filled shaker and squeeze a bit of lemon juice at the end. This will wake you up better than any old coffee.

Bill Heck’s Old Fashioned

Who is Bill Heck? No one knows, but he makes one hell of a whiskey cocktail that is, admittedly a bit light and actually perfect for the summer heat. Take two regular sugar cubes and combine them with some ice in the shaker. Add bitters as well as any citrus wheels you have at your disposal and end it all with a cherry and some grenadine. Use a wooden spoon or fork to mash those fruits and add the bourbon you want. Once the mix is cool, add club soda and some ginger ale.


One of the best whiskey drinks out there is certainly Sazerac. It is a high-quality, heavy drink that is super rich with flavors. You begin by placing a sugar cube in a glass and pouring the bitters you want. After that, you add some whiskey and cognac to the mix. Stir it until the sugar cube dissolves completely and then add ice. Use a teaspoon of absinthe to rinse the glass before pouring the mix using Hawthorne strainer. Add anise pods as a decoration.

The Retox

This might seem like an odd mix, but The Retox is one of those whiskey mixed drinks you simply need to try at least once. It is described as quite the opposite of a detox and you can guess why. Besides the usual ingredients, whiskey and maple syrup, you will also need to add vinegar and cayenne to the shaker and shake for about 30 seconds. After you pour it into a glass, you can add bitters and any decorations you want.

Have you tried any of these whiskey drinks? Do you prefer straight whiskey or these cocktails?