Walmart Screws Up Again With Awful And Offensive Back-To-School Sign Placement

Photo: Twitter

Just last month we heard that Walmart had a racial slur on their website, and now this time around they found themselves apologizing after they were called out by putting up a back-to-school sign in the worse possible spot.

Let us explain what we mean by showing you a photo shared by a dude named Anthony. Take a look at it below.

So aside from the fact that they are selling a bunch of guns, Walmart actually put this sign up: “Own The School Year Like A Hero” right above a rack full of guns. Like, why? Not bright at all. Now no word yet if this was the work of a prankster, an employee who doesn’t give a damn, or just orders from Walmart themselves, but regardless Walmart was quick to respond.

But that wasn’t good enough for a guy named Jared who chimed in.

But then Walmart decided to change their tune.

The chaos wasn’t done there as another dude called Walmart out.

And then…


It won’t be long until Walmart screws up again, folks.

h/t Someecards

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