Women Dish On Their Favorite Sex Positions

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It’s quite normal and useful to ask a girl who you are seeing what’s her favorite position, but sometimes there’s no time for that as you end up in bed sooner rather than later. Some guys may even dislike asking the question as it makes them think about the girl’s previous lovers. So checking out what women online say their favorite sex position is can be really valuable. It surely can be useful as women on various Reddit threads chimed in on why the specific position is their favorite. Who knows, it might be something you didn’t consider or even better, something you liked but women in your life didn’t.

Of course, a lot depends on the physical characteristics of both you, and the women you get intimate with, but a wise man can learn a lot from these confessions. It’s basically the opposite of the worst sex advice people of Reddit got.

Warning: be ready to call your fuck buddy as soon as you’re finished reading the article as some of the women are pretty descriptive. If you don’t have one, check out our article on how to ask out girls using unorthodox methods.

Favorite Sex Positions of Women

Bend me over something, grab my hair and go to town. Just the force, the feeling, the angle… Hrngh.

Standing up doggie, bent over something, or on the stairs.

Laying on my stomach with a pillow under my abdomen so my ass is kinda propped up in the air.

Laying down on my stomach with the guy on top of me. My boyfriend calls the position prone boning.

I love doggy the most. I have long legs so usually I have to spread my knees apart a bit more than usual. My ex used to pull my hair and that’s a crazy turn on. That position just makes it feel so much deeper. One you get a good rhythm going you can just feel his hips slamming into your ass. Oh my god. I need a new boyfriend.

Doggy because the feelings are the most intense for me and he gets to watch it go in and out, which is one of my boyfriends favorite things. Plus I like to look back and look at his face when he’s fucking me.

Doggy. On my tummy with guy’s weight on top of me from behind is great too.

Doggy or any variation of on top. Anything that hits the G works for me.

I have done just about every position in the book, and still my favorite is missionary. It’s simple, sexy, allows for very close intimacy, and I just love the feeling of him fucking me while I can pull him in closer, grab his butt, run my hands through his hair, and just lie back and enjoy it. For reaching orgasm, it’s about a tie between missionary and cowgirl.

Good ole doggy, the queefiest of positions.

Doggy please. I like being on top too and grinding.

I have to agree that there’s nothing better than doggie. The ecstasy that washes over me when I feel my fiancé’s hands on my hips pulling me toward him and his balls smack against me is just indescribable… I may just have to wake him up…

Currently, it’s missionary. We’re connecting on a higher level and looking into each other’s eyes sends me screaming over the edge.

Doggy style bc of those sweet, sweet angles.

Doggie. I’m totally over cowgirl & people who get upset about me not making eye contact.

I’m a huge fan of a modified missionary- lying on vacc with both legs together over one of my guys shoulders (this makes for good hard deep penetration) Also on my back with my hips turned to one side or the other (this allows for great anal access for fingers/toys).

On top until I can’t last, then doggy, or a version of the scissors.

Woman on bottom, legs pushed back and going in and out real slow. Face to face, can get in real deep, and really intimate. My favorite position, there’s nothing better than being intimate and getting deeply, slowly fucked.

Butterfly. Really deep penetration is the best part, and it hits just the right spot. It also makes it easier for your partner to choke you, hold you down, or be dominant in general.

I know a lot of people are going to be shocked by me saying this, but missionary is a pretty great position. It get’s the job done. I mean I love doing all the different positions to keep it fresh. But missionary has got the right angle for hitting my gspot and my clit. Plus you get to easily kiss and whisper and stuff. All the other positions I have to twist myself around to kiss him.

Girl on top while the guy is sitting up. Talk about deep penetration, while being close, intimate and in control 😉

Um, the one where he is camped out between my legs with his mouth on my clit and his fingers in my vagina. Does that count?

Doggy. The spots and the angle, I can feel the penetration more full-on than other positions. It feels natural, animalistic, and makes me feel very submissive and vulnerable which turns me on.

Doggy with my hair pulled and a hand around my neck…fuuuuck. Not like choking, but a nice hold of it so I know he’s dominating me.

Do it doggy style so we can both watch X-Files.

Doggy drives me wild. The perfect position for some hair pulling and ass slapping too. And I also just really love the sex body slapping sound doggy makes.

I’m pretty vanilla – my favorite is missionary. I’ve tried lots of other positions and we usually mix it up a bit but missionary feels best for me. Benefits – nice eye contact and romantic feel.

As you can tell, doggy style is the way to go, and its respective variations. But nothing is going to do it for you unless you eradicate behaviors that put women off. Unless you are hitting on this girl which has a pretty vague favorite sex position.

Don’t care. Just dick me.

And they say perfect women don’t exist…

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