7 Types of Sex You Need to Try

Photo: RuslanDashinsky (Getty Images)

When someone asks you to name various types of sex, you probably instinctively think about oral, anal, etc. Actually, this form of classification is for amateurs. The real connoisseurs of sex know that the type is actually determined by the circumstances and the style. You seem confused. It’s OK, we’ll explain. Sex is all about the state of mind and sometimes a change of location or the timing can make all the difference. In light of that, here are the 7 most important types of sex for you to try.

The First Sex

Obviously, one of the most important events in your life is the first sex. This awkward, probably short venture, is the introduction to the rest of your sex life and is incredibly clumsy and messy. That being said, the first sex carries the excitement you will never be able to experience again, so if you still haven’t done it, try to enjoy yourself as much as possible. The fact that you will be bad at it only adds to its charm.

The Make-Up Sex

If you were to rank various types of sex, the make-up sex would probably be near the very top. It happens right after the argument with your partner reached its limit and you both have heaps of built up negative energy. The best way to release it is through wild, uninhibited sex full of various, sometimes opposing emotions. It seems as if your senses get amplified a couple of times during make-up sex. Everyone should try it at least once.

The Spontaneous Sex

Whether we’re talking about a long-term partner or a stranger you’ve just met at a house party, spontaneous sex is a one-of-a-kind experience that you simply mustn’t miss. As relationships evolve, they can become a bit stale and predictable. Sometimes people even need to create a timetable for their sex life due to various obligations of the day. At those times, there’s nothing better than a surprise during a small break from everyday problems.

The Rough Sex

You don’t have to be into BDSM to be able to enjoy a bit of rough sex. As long as you discuss it over with your partner, there’s nothing wrong with spicing your life with some rougher moves. Chances are your partner would also like that, you just never got around to asking. In fact, a lot of women love it when their men take over the control in bed (since she is in charge outside of it) and show their masculinity.

The Experimental Sex

Another type of sex that you should try from time to time is experimental sex. This means a sexual encounter when you try out something completely new, to test it out and see whether you’ll like it. The whole excitement lies in its potential. Yes, a new position might end up being quite bad, but it might also blow your minds. It is this uncertainty that makes experimental sex so appealing.

The Dangerous Sex

Of course, people have different opinions on what dangerous sex might be, but it’s still exciting on a personal level. For most people, dangerous sex doesn’t involve hanging off a high cliff with daggers waiting at the bottom. No, it’s the possibility of being caught having sex somewhere by someone. Having sex in public can be quite thrilling because of the idea that someone might stumble upon you two accidentally although it might never happen.

The Lazy Sex

Finally, as you grow older, you start to appreciate the lazy sex more and more. What is lazy sex? Simply put, it is the type of sex where you don’t have to do absolutely anything, besides being ready down there. For men, this includes the cowgirl position, for example, where the woman is on top and all you need to do is admire the view. Sometimes we all need a little break.

Have you tried all of these types of sex? Which one is your favorite? Don’t say lazy.