How to Become an Alpha Female

Photo: Stephen Zeigler (Getty Images)

In the animal kingdom, the alpha male is always that one animal who is able to stand out from the rest and appoint itself as the leader. This principle can also be applied to the human race with one important difference. Since we are self-conscious beings, we can work on ourselves and present to others only the traits we want. We can consciously turn ourselves into dominant individuals. Now, everyone always mentions the concept of alpha male, but what is an alpha female? What are the most important qualities of an alpha female?


In order to stand out in a crowd, you first need to realize yourself as a complete human being. Some people spend their whole lives simply blending with the majority without ever taking the time to find out who they are. So, an alpha female is someone who is aware of both her flaws and her virtues but chooses to show only the latter to the world. She doesn’t need anyone to tell her some hard truths about herself as she’d already told them herself. Because of that, she is aware of what she can and can’t do and, therefore, radiates self-confidence. This is probably one of the most important characteristics of a successful, dominating woman.


If you plan on becoming an alpha female, you have to love being in the center of attention. This means being under the scrutiny of others who will, no doubt, try to find some of your flaws and show them to your world. Gaining someone’s attention is a fairly simple task, but keeping it and not letting it overwhelm you is much more difficult. As an alpha woman, you need to be able to balance out the good and the bad as well as enjoy the spotlight as much as you can. Some people are born with a leader gene; others have to work a bit harder to reach that level.


A lot of people are just afraid of change. The idea of doing things differently is appealing to them, but they dare not do anything about it. That is why you need to be the one who will embrace the change and introduce innovation into their lives. Not only is the change necessary in one’s life, but it also immortalizes you in the eyes of the others. If you do something that a lot of people secretly desire, you will become their idol. That is pretty much a definition of an alpha female.

Emotional Person

Just because you know what you are and don’t need the confirmation from others doesn’t mean that you’re self-sufficient. A true alpha female is capable of love and emotional attachment without jeopardizing her integrity. Many people believe that social ambition and self-confidence make it impossible to find someone with whom you can establish a meaningful, romantic relationship. That is simply wrong. Furthermore, alpha females are more likely to find a long-term partner because they know exactly what they want and have an ability to recognize a similar perspective on life.

Persistent Spirit

Being an alpha woman also means that people will be against you most of the time. Going against the current will make you stand out but it will also make you face all those people going in the opposing direction. Sometimes, these efforts seem pointless and frustrating, but a true alpha female never gives up. One of her main qualities has to be persistence in order to remain true to herself and her desires. So, if you plan on rising above the others, it is necessary to stick to your decisions and believe that they will pay off eventually because they will.

Do you think you have what it takes to become an alpha female?