Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Looks Mighty Fine in New Leaked Photos

New leaked photos of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 have pointed towards a larger but narrower design for the premium handset, with Samsung hoping that its good looks will help to eradicate the bad memories of the exploding Galaxy Note 7.

The images were leaked by VentureBeat’s Evan Blass, offering a closer look at the smartphone prior to its unveiling on August 23. The photos show that it shares the same Infinity display as the Galaxy S8, with its screen touching both edges of the device, though it boasts what appears to be a smaller bezel.

There are also no buttons located on the front of the device, indicating that it will be entirely touchscreen similar to the rumors that the iPhone 8 will do without Apple’s long-standing Home button. The S8’s Bixby button, which activates Samsung’s smart AI assistant, seems to be located on the right-hand side of the handset. The back of the Note 8 prominently features the camera alongside a fingerprint sensor, repeating a problem many had with the S8 as a result of its close proximity to the camera’s lens.

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The Galaxy Note 7 was a huge failure for Samsung, with the tech giant being forced to stage a mass recall after discovering a manufacturing defect in the phones’ batteries. Samsung then had no other option but to discontinue the phone mere months after its launch, with the debacle proving to be incredibly costly for the company.

While Galaxy Note 8 is certainly an attractive device judging by these leaked photos, it’s going to need to do an awful lot more than just look pretty if it wants to eradicate the memory the Note 7. Check out the images in the tweets below: