12 Things You’d Do Vastly Differently If You Could Go Back And Do 21 All Over Again

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Oh, 21, you were a real bad decision. Actually, you were a series of real bad decisions, but if we could do it all over, would we really go about it any differently? Hell yes, we would! We might be bankers or doctors or teachers now, but just think of how hard it was to get there because we were such little assholes at 21. It was a stunt in our growth, a pause on our post-adolescence, a — I’m running out of ideas here — a black mark on our pristine record.

Between the drinking, the bad sex, the cheeseburgers overdoses, the pretending to care about things that didn’t matter and not caring about things that actually did, well, we’re still pretty fucked up from it still to this day. If we could go back and tell our 21-year-old self anything, we’d probably slap them across the face and hand them this list of 12 things you’d do very different if you could do it all over again.

We all know our 21-year-old self would just use that list to roll up a fat doobie or light a bag of feces on fire, but it’s the thought that counts. Right?

12 Things You’d Do Vastly Differently If You Could Go Back and Do 21 All Over Again

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