5 Best Small Towns in America

Photo: John Coletti (Getty Images)

Young people always dream of living in a big, famous city like New York or Los Angeles because of all the possibilities they offer. You can get discovered by casting director, you can find a job on Wall Street, or even just stumble upon a random celebrity. However, as they grow older, people slowly start to realize the value of living in a small town, without all that pollution, hassle and noise. So, for those of you in search, here are 10 best small towns in America. See if you can settle down in any of them.

Canyon, Tx

We’ll start the list off with a somewhat exotic location. You might not know this but there is a small city named Canyon right next to the Grand Canyon that is actually a joy to live in. Besides the benefits of having one of the best views in the USA whenever you like, there are also a number of good schools and the houses are fairly cheap. It’s a bit secluded in a way, but there are many tourists throughout the year, so you’ll see your fair share of fresh faces.

Louisville, Co

Next up is a small town in Colorado by the name of Louisville. One of the main reasons why this place is among the most prosperous small towns in the USA is because it invests in future generations a lot. The schooling system is great and you can find a whole bunch of outdoor activities, which keeps the community healthy and active. The streets of Louisville gold that unique American charm that is often lost in the big cities, thanks to the old architecture that is considered sacred. If we don’t honor our tradition, who will?

Sebastopol, Ca

If you want to live close to San Francisco, but can’t stand the smog or the overcrowdedness, you should opt for Sebastopol. It is only an hour away from SF but feels like a completely different place. Sebastopol is all about promoting diversity and maintaining a family-centered community. As it is often the case with small towns, Sebastopol also boasts with its natural beauty and a multitude of outdoor activities. While some say that it’s not the cheapest of places to live in, it certainly pays off more than living in San Francisco.

St. Augustine, Fl

The town of St. Augustine, located in Florida is considered to be one of the oldest towns in the USA. It has a rich Spanish heritage and isn’t shy about showing it. If you’re looking for a place that is both peaceful during the day and lively at night, St. Augustine is the right choice. The whole town looks like a vacation resort thanks to its gorgeous beaches, so you can imagine what it’s like living there.

Amherst Center, Ma

Although Amherst Center isn’t officially a town, it has all of its qualities, except for a separate, town government. One of the most important characteristics of Amherst Center is the fact that it has as many as three colleges in the area. That is a good investment in the future as you get all the benefits of living is a small, independent town and yet your kids can even go to college there. They say that the winters are a bit colder than usual, but it’s worth getting through it, once the summer arrives. There are lakes, rivers, streams and basically, everything to keep you up and about throughout the season.

This was our selection of the 5 best small towns in America. What do you think about them? What do you feel are the benefits of living in a smaller community besides the obvious ones?