Bicep Exercises: Most Beneficial Tips

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Walk into any gym in the world, any, at any point in time, and you’ll see a guy doing bicep curls. There’s no denying that the bicep exercises are the most popular exercises for men, guys tend to even over focus on them (with legs, of course, paying the price for it). Yet with all the bicep workouts being done, there aren’t that many guys who are satisfied with their guns, or at least with the speed they are having gains.

So here are some most important bicep exercises tips, besides the usual, more-general like eating right, sleeping enough, drinking enough water etc…

Bicep Exercises Tip #1 Eccentric

The most important rule when doing biceps is to concentrate on the eccentric part of the lifting motion, which means the part of the exercise in which your arms are lowering. This is actually the hard part, and therefore it’s the part which brings the dividends. Explode while going up – while still having correct form – and then slowly come down. You’ll be almost able to feel you muscle fibers tearing up, which is when muscles tend to grow if you give them a proper rest later.

Bicep Exercises Tip #2 Rotation

Put your hand in front of you parallel to the ground, then just proceed to turn your hand until it reaches a vertical position while looking at your biceps. You didn’t flex, you didn’t flinch, but your bicep visibly moved. That’s because this muscle is responsible for the turning of the hand, and you should utilize that when working it out.

A lot of guys just do exercises in which dumbbells just go up and down, but the real gains are hidden when you put your pinky finger in the game. As you’re going up, pull the pinkies into the shoulders in a way so to get that special burn.

Bicep Exercises Tip #3 Isolation

The most common mistake made while doing bicep exercises is utilizing the whole body, mostly shoulders and back, to lift the weight. In order to feel the proper burn in your biceps, you’ll need to shut off other muscles for exercises in which they are not needed. This is accomplished by using some of the specially designed machines or doing concentration curls in which your leg serves as the limiting force.

When doing the most common bicep curls, whether with dumbells or a barbell, you can either just focus not to move your elbows and shoulders, or you can buy an Arm Blaster, which can assist you in it. Arnold Schwarzenegger really recommends using this piece of tool, which is the highest praise in the world of bodybuilding.

Bicep Exercises Tip #4 Variety

Most guys stick to just one bicep workout, a couple of bicep exercises, and they wonder how come their arms didn’t get bigger for such a long time. It’s because muscles need new challenges in order to grow, and just adding the weight isn’t the most efficient way of doing it. Aim to break the pattern you’ve established and do some new bicep exercises for a couple of weeks, and keep alternating.

Bicep Exercises Tip #5 Chin-ups

Most guys won’t approach the pull-up even after coach Carter’s motivation speeches, and that’s why they don’t have as big arms as they could. Not only is the pull-up bar a necessity in a serious fitness enthusiast’s home, it’s his best friend. Doing chin-ups with shoulder with is a rare compound movement you get to do for your biceps, and therefore a valuable arsenal in your quest for bigger arms. Starting out your biceps workout with chin-ups will tire out the muscles significantly so other bicep exercises to which you might be accustomed to will be harder to do and therefore more effective.

What are some of your favorite bicep exercises?

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