Woman in China Caught Smuggling 102 iPhones in Her Clothes

A woman in China has been caught attempting to smuggle 102 iPhones in her clothes, strapping them to her torso and her waist and attempting to sneak through customs before being apprehended.

The woman, who had been dubbed the “female Iron Man” after authorities found the devices strapped to her, was attempting to smuggle the iPhones from Hong Kong into mainland China where they are more expensive. According to a report from XMNN, customers officers pulled the woman aside as she was passing through the airport after finding that she was “wearing more clothing than was appropriate” considering the hot weather.

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Upon further investigation, the officers found 102 iPhones along with 15 luxury watches (via 9to5Mac), with her haul taking up four layers of clothing and weighing a whopping 44 pounds. Most of the devices found on her person were from the iPhone 6 family.



The price gap between iPhones in Hong Kong and mainland China is huge, with the iPhone 6 selling for as much as 30 per cent more outside of the East Asian territory. The government has attempted to prevent the smuggling of the electronic devices, with the government cracking down on those caught doing so. According to a report from Reuters, half of the individuals caught smuggling iPhones and iPads into mainland China are housewives.

The story, which was first picked up by Kotaku, featured a number of photos of the woman in the iPhone-stuffed outfit she attempted to sneak past customs. Needless to say, it wasn’t very inconspicuous:



There’s no word yet on what charges the woman, who was arrested on June 30, will face.