5 Signs You’re Having Good Sex

Photo: Steve Sparrow(Getty Images)

Regardless of how confident we are or appear, everyone has their doubts concerning their bedroom action performance, therefore – a small guide to extinguish your worries needed to be made. If ever in doubt, just consult this list and see how many of the points you check out. If you don’t relate with any of these signs, at least now you’ll know what needs to change in order to achieve great sex.

So if you’re wondering how can you have better sex life, see if these things apply to you and don’t be greedy.


The idea Hollywood has of sex is too romanticized with rose petals falling from the ceiling while tender whispers set the tone, the real stuff is much dirtier. So if you can look yourself in the mirror for an hour after sex with no shame you’re basically not trying hard enough and your sex is ready for the Hallmark channel, meaning it’s boring. Participation trophies aren’t awarded for sex, so 10 minutes of missionary isn’t going to impress anyone and you need to step your game up until in the aftermath you contemplate what has your mom’s special little boy become.

Time of reflection

It’s a common stereotype that women always want to cuddle after sex while guys tend to be left alone, but the reason for that is that sex usually ends when the guy finishes. So some selfish dudes don’t even take in the account whether the girl has reached the goal, and as Louis C.K. said in one of his specials – if a girl wants to cuddle after sex it’s because you haven’t done it right and she wants more. If the fireworks do come off, your bedroom will look like an aftermath of a medieval battlefield, with two motionless bodies lying around separately in silence. At least for 15-20 minutes.

Silent treatment

Everything used to be fine with your 76-year-old downstairs neighbor misses Abernathy, she always said “hi” and commended you on what a wonderful, well-behaved man you are. But since you’ve been seeing this one girl misses Abernathy not only ignores you in the elevator, she is also giving you the stink-eye. She is just probably jealous of all the loud sex you’re having, as if there’s no audio feedback, something’s not right. So, forget about the haters and focus on making your bedroom a place where girls can really test out their vocal chords.


It’s a common belief that guys talk about sex more than girls, but the truth is while we do often say what we would like to do to who, we don’t talk about our experiences in detail. It’s the females that do that in greater detail than you’d like to know. So if after doing the deed with a girl, you get to hang out with her friends and you catch them glaring at you, barely blinking, you’ve been getting five-star reviews and your usage of great sex positions is duly noted. The wide eyes who don’t break eye contact are a sure tell as much as “you should do porn” comment.

No time

A clear sign you’re having better sex than the average couple is that you don’t have time to do much else. Sure, Mike and Tina went on a nice hike and spammed Instagram with photos of Tina, but you had a sex marathon that matched the length and excitement of Lord Of the Rings extended editions one. So if you can’t get to the bedroom without getting your pants removed you need to start a seminar on how to please your girl as surely, you’ve got the know-how. Lucky bastard.

What are some other nice ways of knowing whether you’re having good sex or not?

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