How To Attract Women By Focusing On Yourself

Photo: Christopher Winton-Stahle(Getty Images)

Countless pick-up artists and their cash-grab books and manuals tell millions of wanting guys that the way to get girls is always by some psychological manipulation, lying, or pretending. Yet there is a far superior method for how to attract women, surely a nobler one, and that is focusing on yourself. Making yourself a hot commodity by actually going out there and doing valuable stuff which is all the marketing you’ll need. Leave the dirty tactics for thirsty, weak guys and just question whether you want a type of women who can fall for that in your life or what would a worthy one think of your past games.

There is a claim that our species’ civilization would crumble if men didn’t do the things to impress females, and that we would be all living in cardboard boxes without that drive. So in order to know how to be attractive to women, it’s important to know what women value most in men.

In an order that differs from individual to individual, it’s:

1. Fame

2. Success

3. Money

4. Looks

5. Social skills

The answer on how to attract women is to have these five things, at least one of them, and they are attainable.

1. How to Attract Women Through Fame

Just look at the different intensity of interest men and women have for the celebrity world and you’ll know that this a true statement whether you like it or not. Tons of average looking, average charismatic guys get transferred into sex symbols just because they are known. And in a world where 7.5 billion of us exists, being recognizable to many has its obvious worth. It doesn’t have to be globally famous of course, it’s enough that she can tell her friends that you’re “that guy from that thing”.

The celeb-crazed culture of this era also produces the most celebrities and semi-celebrities, as even dog beauticians have the fame status in their niche, sometimes spilling over into the mainstream. So think about how you can become the face of your field of work if it doesn’t touch the normal celeb waters.

2. How to Attract Women Through Success

This doesn’t become a necessity until around the age of 23, but the requirement of success in a man’s endeavors is like a switch that gets turned on suddenly and leaves all those who don’t possess it in the dark. We are living in a modern society, but that doesn’t mean we’ve discarded all of our primal human needs, and women expect from males to provide for the family and to be able to support them. Success proves your ability. A successful man gives his partner the bragging right and it’s also something that shouldn’t go unmentioned.

So focus on your passion, whatever that is, clearly nowadays even playing or talking while playing video games can garnish you huge success. So find your passion, and achieve greatness in it, satisfying yourself. Women finding you attractive is just a certain side effect of that.